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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The game instructions say just match POWER SYMBOLS on cards to claim, but some cards have other instructions. What should I do?
    For beginners and young kids, just matching is a great place to start. The extra instructions are part of the Advanced Rules, that help kids stay interested as they get older and more experienced with the game. Look for those rules and more as the website expands.

  2. What are the little numbers under the POWER SYMBOLS?
    Once kids master the Basic Rules and Advanced Rules, those little numbers work as part of the Expert Rules. But for now, you don’t need them to enjoy WHODIDS.

  3. What’s with all-caps on the name and key elements of the game?
    Do you shout randomly when you talk? 

    All capitals, like WHODIDS, is easiest for young kids to read, since they’re usually taught with capital letters first. The game is focused a little more on helping kids just starting to read than adults who think a little too much about ranting on social media. ;)

  4. What are the planned expansions for the Starter Set?
    The expansions will get more specific cards into adult hands, to better customize the experience for their kids. Right now the front runners are Pets, Music and Sports. I’ll be polling on social a bit to see which should come first. After that, there will be Homework, Meal Time, Reading… and a special one I can’t name just yet.

  5. Have you thought about adapting WHODIDS for the classroom?
    Yes, some of the early testers were teachers, and the possibilities for helping young students were immediately obvious to them. Development is ongoing and a launch date will depend on the success of the Starter Set and other expansions.

  6. So with the sorting letters, why are there only B, C and D cards? What have you done with the A cards?
    Oh, you’ll see. Now, I suggest you start thinking of appropriate words that start with A…

  7. Are you aware that trying to do everything yourself means it all takes a long time to complete?
    Wish someone had asked that when I started this four years ago.

  8. Can we play with WHODIDS cards in other ways?
    Sure, when you don’t need them to help get things done, the WHODIDS cards can be used however kids want. An easy one is turn them all face down to play Concentration - just match similar BONUS or CHALLENGE cards. My kids also worked out a head to head game to play… the website will keep expanding with tips and suggestions, including alternate ways to play to keep things interesting.

  9. You know, apps are great. App, app app app, app app. App?
    With screen time a top concern for parents, cards worked best, with lasting impact. Physical cards are always there, reminding kids and helping them develop positive habits. If in future I can develop a constructive experience with a WHODIDS app, I'd be open to that.

  10. What else have you got planned for WHODIDS?
    Kids are reacting very well to the artwork, even kids too young to play the game. So, since the artwork, characters and story have got something kids like, I’m working on a companion book that tells a little more about the WHODIDS universe. If it helps kids connect with the characters in the game and mixes a little responsibility into a big adventure, that would be exciting and helpful.

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