Easy Video Guide

Need a little help setting up WHODIDS?  Misplace the instructions along with your youth?Prefer to get your information from shiny pictures with sound? Those are all okay with us... here are a series of clear, helpful videos that get you started fast and keep you getting the most out of WHODIDS!

Easy Start Video #1 - Unboxing!

Here's what you get with the WHODIDS STARTER SET!

Hint: all you really need to get started are the cards and the homebase - everything else is just bonus stuff!

Easy Start Video #2 - Adults Go First

With WHODIDS, adults get the game going. This video will show adults how to set out some CHALLENGE CARDS for their kids.

Easy Start Video #3 - Kids Do Their Part

Parent may start it off, but kids are the ones having fun getting things done. Let's take a look at how kids claim CHALLENGE CARDS and team up with a DID HERO.

Easy Start Video #4 - Bonus Deck Adventure

This is where the adventure comes in - kids and their DIDS work together to claim more points in the BONUS DECK, and learn a little more about the universe of WHODIDS.

Easy Start Video #5 - Trade In DIDJITS

Here we will talk about what to do with all of those DIDJITS kids collect. We'll also look at the DIDJIT Trade-In Card and recap everything we've learned in these Easy Start Videos.