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It's a game, it's a learning tool, it's a story with a few messages we all hope to pass along to our kids. And along the way, it puts a little fun into getting things done.

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WHODIDS is a card game for kids ages four and up, created by a dad trying to teach his own kids about everyday responsibilities. With WHODIDS, parents challenge and kids get it done for DIDJITS.


Team up with the right DID HERO and kids can earn more DIDJITS in the BONUS deck. But that’s just the start - kids can trade DIDJITS for things they love. After all, they earned it and learned something along the way.




I'm artist and designer Derek Fryer   - a graphics professional with over twenty-five years of experience. I've created artwork for healthcare fundraising, architecture, sports marketing and publishing. Working from Oakville, Ontario, I am also the proud co-parent of two great kids.



I created THEYSAYPLAY for the sole purpose of bringing my idea for a card-based game that helps kids get things done - WHODIDS - to everyone trying to communicate about everyday responsibilities with the kids in their life.

Through THEYSAYPLAY, I'm having fun bringing you the best products from the WHODIDS universe and beyond. I hope you like them.

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Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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